AITA is like a cocoon where diverse community knit together by its physical environment as well as by its commitment to the highest standard of excellence, integrity free expression and enquiry.

It is a place where unitedly all of us put our efforts together to develop an aspiring leader in to a complete manager. The people behind AITA have wide and varied experience in the field of accounts, taxation and corporate governance.

Dr. Raj Narayan Gaur having more than 55 years experience in the field of accounts, Mr. A J Ansari (IIM & IIT Khargapur) providing managerial and technical support to the institute, Dr. S D Sharma (Principal JNPG College, Lko) also gives the educational support for the advancement to the students.

We invite you to join one of the most stable and growing profession across the world of accounts & taxation.
India is passing through a phase of transition. Commerce is the most developing segment and is duly adding to the rapid economic advancement. This would provide immense employment opportunities in the field of accounting and taxation in the future.
As per the recent survey of “The Economic Times” accounts and taxation enabled services are likely to generate more than 10 lakh jobs in India in the coming years.
There is too much emphasis on theoretical knowledge in our country. Practical knowledge is seldom a part of the course curriculum. The present education system is to be blamed for this paradox. The gap between demand and supply for quality candidate is widening day by day.AITA is a humble effort towards bridging the gap.
The job oriented courses offered by AITA with adequate emphasis on practical knowledge are ideally placed to bring smiles to the student as well as the employers seeking the job after studying at AITA.
Welcome to the journey towards a successful career.

Dr. Raj Narayan Gaur,


Mr. Sharad N. Gaur, ICWA(F), MBA

Sharad N. Gaur
Munish N. Gaur

Dr. Munish N. Gaur

Law, PHD, M.Com, MA (Economics)


All India Tax Association has taken an initiative to guide people about Income Tax rules and make them aware about the latest tax amendments. We are here to advice people on the best way to minimise their tax liability by taking the benefits provided by the government.

We have an expert panel of Chartered Accountants, Financial Advisors, Corporate Lawyers and Legal Consultants who interact with our esteemed list of clients, and cater to their requirements. We offer professional taxation advice and are known for our expertise and in depth handling of various issues.

We provide comprehensive Income Tax consultancy services and solutions to our clients on Income Tax related problems. Our tax and legal services team provides advice based on proven knowledge and experience in tax matters and hold immense expertise in this domain.

We are always open to feedback, comments and suggestions and will constructively listen to anything anybody has to say about us.


All India Tax Association is a consulting firm, which is engaged in providing a complete tax advice, corporate registrations and other necessary registration to Individuals, Firms, Companies, HUFs, Trust and all other business units. We ensure a level of certainty and transparency to our clients.


• An effort towards the economic development of our nation by spreading awareness amongst the public about tax, remove their myth and fear for tax.
• To create a link between public and Income Tax Department.
• To provide expert advice for tax management and tax planning.
• To provide opportunities for upcoming talents


Leading change
• Integrity
• Respect for the individual
• Excellence
• Learning and sharing


AITA offers tax consultancy service for tax saving schemes, tax planning & Tax Management. We also provide complete all other registrations services to our clients.