File GST return with GSTN

The Goods and Service Tax Network will store information of all GST registered sellers and buyers, combine the submitted details, and maintain registers for future reference. Companies have to file 3 monthly returns every 3 months and one annual return in a financial year (37 returns in total). GSTN has launched a simple excel based template to make filing of returns easier for businesses. This excel workbook can be downloaded from the GST common portal free of charge. Taxpayers can use this template to collate invoice data on a regular basis. The details of inward and outward supplies can be uploaded on the GST portal on or before the due date. The data preparation can be done offline. Only while uploading the prepared file on the GST portal will the taxpayer need Internet.

Penalty for late filing of returns

A penalty will be levied on the taxpayer in case he/she fails to file the returns on time. This penalty is called the late fee. As per the GST Law, the late fee is Rs.100 for each day for each Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) and State Goods and Services Tax (SGST). Thus, the total fine amount will be Rs.200 per day. However, this rate is subject to changes which will be announced through notifications. The maximum amount of fine that can be levied is Rs.5,000. Integrated GST or IGST does not attract any late fee in case the return filing is delayed. The taxpayer will also be required to pay an interest at the rate of 18% p.a. in addition to the late fee. This interest has to be calculated by the taxpayer on the amount of tax that is to be paid. The time period will be calculated from the day following the filing deadline till the date when the actual payment is made.

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