We the tax consultants, as tax advisors, are experts in tax law, planning and compliance. We serve businesses and individuals alike by staying current on new tax law and positioning taxpayers for short and long term tax optimization. We typically expand on the role of tax planner for tax returns, we also often work closely with clients throughout the year to ensure their tax liability is minimized.
We work through strong written and verbal communicators who will explain tax law and strategies in a way that is accessible and easy for clients to understand.

Tax Consultancy 
We Provide Filing of Income tax, TDS Returns, Consultancy on Income Tax Matters, Tax Refunds, Tax Planning & Savings, Maintenance of Income Tax Records, Liaising with Income Tax Authorities.


Taxation is an extremely complex subject and needs professional skill of the highest order. The consultant has to keep track of frequent changes and modifications made in the Income tax rules from time to time to be able to guide aptly in tax planning.


Preparation and filing of various statutory returns and documents with the revenue authorities periodically. A plethora of paper work is involved in filing numerous tax returns on quarterly, half – yearly and yearly basis.


We take a holistic view, combining industry insight with the technical skills of financial and tax professionals, economists, lawyers and our other in-house resources as necessary, to develop comprehensive integrated solutions.